Drones to the Rescue of the Executive Protection Industry

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Drones to the rescue of the Executive Protection industry. Time to get the industry involved in the best new technology.

In the executive protection industry, there are some companies who continue to operate in the way that they have been for the last twenty years–sometimes even longer. Their training has not evolved and the technology that they are using is almost identical to what they were using decades ago. Being agile and adaptive as an executive protection agency is vital to the security of its clients.

For example, an old time executive protection company is likely ignorant to how far technology has come and its relationship to privacy and security. They might still think that criminals and stalkers are still operating with minimal use of cyber and technology. Time and time again you will see these companies not even using encrypted communication or secure devices to communicate with the client. This alone leaves the client vulnerable to all types of attacks because once a bad guy can get hold of a client’s security detail information, it is game over.

But one of the biggest and best technologies to hit the protection industry is drone technology. The best executive protection companies are those that embrace modern technology and have drones as an essential part of their services.

Drone Technology for Private Security

Drone technology can be used for all types of protection and security purposes and they should not be underestimated. They are a valuable and yet affordable addition to any high quality security team.

So how are drones used?

First, drone technology can be utilized during investigations into criminal behavior and bad guys. In these instances, they can monitor a situation or track someone’s movements to see what they are doing. This is highly valuable when it comes to determining what a bad guy has been up to or where he goes on a regular basis. Surveillance is key to preventing what could turn into violent criminal actions.

Secondly, many clients have large estates and residences that require regular patrolling to keep the perimeters safe and secure and to ensure that no one has trespassed. In fact, modern drones can now be programmed to do automatic patrols of the property, meaning that no one has to manually fly them at these regular intervals. This is a gamechanger in security. It keeps the client’s property extremely safe and gives the protection agents in the control room a clear aerial view of the property. The agents are then able to survey the residence very efficiently and pinpoint any potential threats that need to be stopped.

Some drones also have infrared technology that can pick up on criminals hiding in bushes or trees on the property. And speakers embedded in the drone can alert the criminal that they have been spotted, that agents are on the way, and that they need to leave the property immediately.

Any client who wants their property to feel completely secure and safe should seek out a protection company that offers the best drone technology.

Third, they can be used for advanced work. This type of work refers to checking out places where a client will visit in the near future, such as an event venue or even a restaurant or a hotel. A drone can very quickly assess the property and surrounding area for any potential threats or risk factors. It also allows the protection team to locate any safe escape routes should they be required. This is also valuable to figure out and pre plan routes for travel to events or even day trips to a new location.

An advance agent can live stream back photos and videos of where the client will be going with the rest of the protection team. Ultimately, the drones help ensure that the security detail is completely prepared for any occasion and risk.

From all of the above, it is clear to see why the most exciting advance in technology in the executive protection industry is drones.

The World Protection Group

WPG understands that drones are now an essential and vital part of any high quality security detail and protection company. We operate with twelve armed security drone pilots and a fleet of dozen high-caliber drones.

In addition, WPG has FAA operating waivers that no other security firm in the United States has. These allow WPG drone pilots to fly drones over the top of people, at night (which is no longer needed), beyond visual line of sight, and lastly below weather minimums. Alongside these waivers, WPG armed security drone pilots are highly trained to operate under the conditions to get the best security results.

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