US Standards of Private Security Consulting, Drone Service & Training in Japan, Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR

Customize your private security strategy to ensure complete protection.

WPG provides premium security consulting, privacy services, drone protection services and drone training to its clients worldwide.

The World Protection Group, Inc. (WPG) was founded in 2001 in Beverly Hills, California. WPG employs a core administrative staff at the headquarters and a team of officers, analysts, executive protection agents, and investigators in the United States.  

In addition to its corporate headquarters in Beverly Hills, WPG also has offices in Shanghai, China and Okinawa, Japan. Our business in Asia will mainly focus on security consulting, and drone consulting & training services. With over 30 resources thoroughly vetted globally, WPG provides premium security, privacy, and drone services to its clients worldwide. 

WPG China

WPG is a leader in the security industry offering security consulting services and, via our consulting unit, provides services that complement in-house or contract security consultants. Our objective is to provide clients with an unbiased view of complex security issues, independent of their own security consulting services and investigative services. This has proven to be the distinguishing factor in maintaining the security and safety of a facility, as we want our clients to have the information and resources necessary to make fundamental business decisions.

As a pioneer in incorporating drones in our various protection and security services, WPG possesses a fleet of state-of-the-art drones. Our extensive drone knowledge can assist clients assess and evaluate their current security protocols and elevate it to drone-based security system. 

Decades of security protection experience paired with aerial reconnaissance offer our teams a unique ability to increase our clients’ and their families’ protection and security. In addition to drone consulting, we also provide drone training to prospect companies and security personnel.

By its very nature, personal and corporate security is a highly sensitive issue, and we assure complete discretion, loyalty, and confidence in our procedures and discipline to deliver a gold standard of service.

Security Consulting

Security Consulting

Drone Services

Drone Consulting

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Drone Training Services

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Our Offices

Shanghai, China

29/F No.501 Middle Yincheng Road, Pudong, Shanghai

200120 P.R.China

Telephone: +86-21-3893-2578
USA Fax: 011-1-310-390-6649

Beverly Hills, Headquarters

311 North Robertson Boulevard Suite 776,
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Phone: 1-310-390-6646
Fax: 1-310-390-6649
PPO 14509 PI 28524

WPG Japan, Inc.

Okinawa, COI Naha Building 5F/7FCOI Naha Building 2-3-15 Kume, Naha-shi, Okinawa prefecture 900-0033

Phone: 098-916-8437

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