Drone Mapping for Estate Protection

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With drone technology at an all-time high, the security of your estate can now be airtight.

Drones are one of the most sophisticated tools for any world-class protection agency. They are very subtle and nonintrusive while providing state of the art security and complete peace of mind.

Many of our high profile and celebrity clients have large estates that need to be protected with more than just security gates and privacy walls.

Another benefit of drone mapping is that it can help our clients sell their real estate by showing off their properties with luxurious and stunning aerial shots.

What is Drone Mapping?

Carried out by our highly trained drone pilots, drone mapping is a process whereby drones collect topographical data through photographs or videos. This data is then used to take measurements of the property.

This data uses high-tech sensors to understand the intricacies of the property. Advanced software options then interpret the data and inform our agents how best to secure the property and maintain a high level of safety 24/7.

The data gathered by our pilots and agents can also help our clients should they decide they want to sell their property. This is because drone mapping acts as a survey of the property and will provide an exact outline of the estate.

How Drone Mapping Keeps Our Clients Safe?

Drones are used in many of our security operations and movements. But drone mapping adds an extra element of security and preparation.

With drone mapping, it is possible to create a 3D image of the estate, including all structures on the property. This is integral to planning safety movements and procedures to keep our clients safe without interfering with their day to day lives.

WPG uses Dronedeploy and Pix4Dreact for our drone missions and you can find out about what each software system offers below.

  1. Dronedeploy– is a state of the art drone software system that provides full data capture and real-time results so that our specialists can compile and analyze data as soon as it is available. It also allows for fully safe automatic flights, which means our agents can plan and format regular flights over the estate for security patrols. Even better, Dronedeploy is capable of remote collaboration, which means the WPG team can assess the estate and any potential issues from anywhere in the world. You will not only have access to your staff on the ground team but also throughout the organizatio
  2. Pix4DReact – is another software utilized by WPG for the complete protection of our clients and their properties. This drone software has been used by emergency responders and government organizations to ensure public safety—proving how reliable and trusted this software is. It gives our agents the real-time visuals needed to react instantly to any hint of threat or worry on the estate. Alongside our drone mapping, drone operations play an important part in keeping client estates safe and secure. We operate extensive estate air patrols to ensure that nothing suspicious is occurring on the ground, as well as thorough risk and vulnerability assessments.

Why Drones Provide Higher Level Security?

grounds of the estate. These tools are incredibly quick and provide a widespread bird eye view of an estate, which means more ground is covered in a short amount of time. Our certified drone pilots pride themselves on discreet and stealthy flights. Our drones will not interfere in your life while responding to any disturbance or situation on your property.

Our aircraft can be flown manually or autonomously, which gives our missions lots of flexibility. We can respond to any situation in a unique and appropriate way to ensure the highest level of security and the fast response time, day and night.

Should a hostile situation arise on your estate, a drone can be deployed to investigate and assess. Our agents will then know how best to approach the situation and can handle it quickly with minimal risk to themselves and any assets or people on the estate.

How WPG Leads in Drone Mapping for Estate Protection?

WPG does not only provide our executive and celebrity clients with the highest level of security but also with the privacy their lives often lack.

Our agents are trained to interpret the data from our drones and use it to develop security strategies tailored to each client and their estate.

The way WPG uses drones is discrete and efficient. Allowing our personnel to acquire nearly instant information about what is happening throughout the estate and to respond appropriately and quickly.

Drone mapping will keep your estate protected from intrusion and trespass. You will be in the best hands with WPG’s agents and specialized drone pilots.

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