How Drones Can Help You Sell 10+ Million-Dollar Homes

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Everybody knows what a drone is. The military and FEMA use them to surveil an area, while civilians use them for fun. Drones are quickly becoming used for applications because of their superior ability compared to helicopters.

What many people don’t realize is that drones can help you sell your multi-million dollar home. In fact, over the past few years, more and more realtors are utilizing drones in new ways. Here’s how.

Using Drones To Sell Your Multi-Million House


For you to sell your home, you will need to advertise it in a unique way that piques buyers’ interest. Real estate is competitive, but with the 360 panorama view and unique shots of your property, you can use attention to detail to bring in serious homebuyers. Drones can take aerial shots to show the size of the property, and close shots to show the details of a particular area.

In today’s world, buyers like having the opportunity to look at a listing before spending their time visiting the house in person. Images help them understand what the home is all about and help entice buyers to come for tours and open houses. Drones also allow sellers to capture their house in different ways when compared to an ordinary camera, which can show the house with an ocean view, beautiful landscaping, and more.


Some people will use helicopters to get an aerial image of their home. However, a helicopter can only do so much. You can’t expect to get focused details of the property, let alone the inside of the home. With a drone, you can get images of areas in the house and the details that will excite buyers and make them want to make a purchase.

Drones can also take videos of the special details sellers want to highlight, including winding pathways up to the house. Taking the drone video footage indoors allows buyers the opportunity to see the house in a way that feels like they are the ones walking into the house for the first time. Getting up close and personal with the details in the architecture will show off the house in a new way that will make buyers jump at the opportunity.


When it comes to aerial views, a drone is less expensive and more discreet than a helicopter. While you may expect these ten million dollar houses belong to high net worth individuals, no one wants to spend money before a house is even sold. For this reason, drones are becoming the go-to method for getting detailed imagery of large properties and mansions.

Helicopters are also not discrete. The sound alone can be bothersome, especially for those who work out of the house and need quiet throughout their day. Drones are much less invasive and quiet, which means that they can capture more without getting in the way of important business.

Not only that, helicopters are limited on where they go and how much they can capture. Drones can fly anywhere on the property, as close as necessary to find the best image that will entice buyers and make an incredible listing. As we have mentioned, aerial views of a property are great, but drones should be utilized effectively and provide buyers with more than just aerial views. A combination of aerial views and detailed-close ups will help buyers more quickly and easily come to a decision.

Estate Protection Patrols

When selling a house, you can expect the need to have multiple open houses and special showings. The homeowner may not always be there, which can lead to security issues, especially when it comes to multi-million dollar homes with valuables inside.

Drones are the solution to this potential problem as they can be used for protection patrols to get a good look at the property to make sure that no one from the tour with bad intentions has wandered off. At the very least, this will provide the seller with the peace of mind they need to have people continuously in and out of their homes.

Drone Cameras vs. CCTV Cameras

Once a multi-million dollar home goes on the market, people will want to see it. This is especially true when a celebrity sells their home. Oftentimes, a celebrity selling their home is something that the news will focus on, which means the home and the celebrity can become a target for those who intend to do ill will.

CCTV cameras are not always effective at capturing images of potential suspicious persons, but drone cameras are high resolution. They are much more effective and discreet since many people know to look for CCTV cameras, but not drones. This will help keep the celebrity safe after they have decided to list their home.

Risk Vulnerability Assessments

Drones can also be used for Risk Vulnerability Assessments, which can have a huge impact on whether or not buyers stay interested in a home. This “All Threat/Hazard Vulnerability Assessment” tool can be utilized as a way to market the home. The tool connects to open resource intelligence that receives over 60,000 live news feeds, which identifies 50 types of threats derived from the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA protocols.

Demonstrating the fact that the house and security systems in place are effective at keeping out unwanted visitors, the added safety aspect of the home can be used to attract serious buyers. After all, every potential home buyer wants to know that the property they choose is safe and secure for themselves and their families.

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