Remote Guardianship: WPG’s Drone Service Offers Round-the-Clock Surveillance for Your Property in the USA

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For overseas property owners, managing and monitoring from a distance can often be a source of concern. Now, WPG’s drone service offers an innovative solution, allowing you to maintain comprehensive surveillance and protection of your property in the USA, even when you’re not there.

Features of WPG’s Drone Service:

  • ● Advanced Monitoring Technology: Our drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors, providing clear visual and data feedback.
  • ● Customized Flight Plans: Based on the geographical location and specific needs of your property, we tailor the drone’s flight paths and monitoring plans to suit you.
  • Real-Time Data Transmission: Drones transmit monitoring data back to the control ● center in real-time, ensuring you are always up-to-date with the status of your property.

Why Choose WPG’s Drone Monitoring Service:

  • ● Safety and Compliance: Our drone operating team is professionally trained, ensuring safe flights that comply with local regulations.
  • ● Flexibility and Scalability: The drone service is not only suitable for property surveillance but can also be expanded to other security needs, such as event monitoring or emergency response.
  • ● Customer Service and Support: WPG provides round-the-clock customer service,


Wherever you are, WPG’s drone service can provide comprehensive surveillance and protection for your property in the USA. With our technology and professional team, you can rest assured that your assets are well cared for.

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