Drone Consulting and Training Services

DroneThe World Protection Group (WPG) is a pioneer in incorporating drones in our various protection and security services and possesses a fleet of state-of-the-art drones. Our extensive drone knowledge can assist clients assess and evaluate their current security protocols and elevate it to drone-based security system. Decades of security protection experience paired with aerial reconnaissance offer our teams a unique ability to increase our clients’ and their families’ protection and security. In addition to drone consulting, we also provide drone training to prospect companies and security personnel. 

We are the only security protection firm in the United States to extend drone services that comply with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) drone regulations with four FAA Drone waivers and the airspace authorization for Los Angeles County and Las Vegas. 

The World Protection State-of-the-Art Drone Fleet

Drone ServicesOur fleet of state-of-the-art drones include the newly launched high performance DJI Matrice M30T. The M30 Series drones can collect high-resolution imagery at high altitudes and in extreme temperatures—they are built to be tough, portable, and reliable. Drone-based security systems offer a variety of solutions for various protection and security services. 

Drones can help security agents audit and plan emergency logistics prior to clients attending events. Drone-based security can also help agents provide the eye in the sky. Providing a tactical advantage by placing cameras above positions of interest. 

WPG’s extensive drone knowledge can also be used to deploy drone security systems to clients’ properties. When safety concerns arise, the aircraft can autonomously deploy and scan the client’s property with night vision and thermal imaging.

Drones can also operate day and night. Dual-sensor cameras allow drones to do their security and surveillance functions no matter what time it is. This means security agents can always respond rapidly to a situation.

Other drone-based security systems can also provide overwatch and hover for hours to provide additional security to clients. These drone-based security systems can also aid emergency services to respond faster on large and complex properties. These systems can also be used to allow homeowners a more accurate time window of impending dangers like wildfires.

Interested in learning more about how our drone consulting service can assist you set up a drone security system? Inquire privately here and request a demo to view how systems can help protect your family. 

How can Drones Drastically Improve Your Security

Estate Air Patrol

Drone ServicesAugmenting existing security systems with aerial assets and patrols—drones can autonomously patrol residential properties, ranches, and boundaries to provide an added layer of security for our clients.

Drone-based security systems include tethered deployment options and free flight options as well.

Our drones can track and follow individuals in real-time, minimizing the risks of situations going wrong while at it. The system will provide accurate data, which will help the response team develop a more tactical response.

Drone Security Surveillance

WPG’s drone security systems include persistent surveillance systems for clients who operate larger properties, ranches, farms, and luxury estates.

These drone security systems offer highly flexible camera payloads that allow homeowners and clients to remote monitor and view security threats and potential hazards.

Private Investigations

A drone-based security system is also used for intelligence gathering during private investigations. While laws differ in different countries, various options are available to allow your clients to fully vet and investigate competitors and cheating spouses. 

Emergency Logistics, Advanced, and Route Planning

Executive protection and security service needs all available information about a location, event, or destination when protecting clients. Drone mapping can provide up-to-date logistics planning by creating private logistics maps and route planning.

Special Event Security Audit & Emergency Response Planning

Similar to our route planning systems that utilize drone mapping security systems, WPG can assist event planners and organizers by providing maps and models to aid in planning. These maps and models aid emergency planning, emergency management, and asset protection.

These drone-based security information systems offer unique data sets to aid all stages of planning and implementation of special events. These same drone-based security information can greatly increase emergency response efficiency and communications. 

Autonomous Search and Rescue

Drone systems can offer security and comfort when loved ones go missing. WPG can provide training in drone mapping and autonomous search and rescue software.

With these assets, law enforcement agency can more effectively search for missing persons with AI-based object recognition. Our drones can autonomously locate a person or an animal, based on clothing worn or even from body temperature. 

A synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) system can aid in discovering or finding subjects, but it is not a bulletproof solution. Thermal conditions and environmental limitations can reduce the effectiveness of searches. 

Drone Security Assessments Risk and Vulnerability Assets

A drone-based security system can effectively map a given location and provide an audit and analysis of various risk factors. These up-to-date maps can also help provide risk assessments to improve emergency response and planning. 

Acquire a drone security assessment to better understand holes and gaps in your security systems. Learn mitigation methods and secure your property with WPG’s drone security assessment. 

Law Enforcement Support Missions

Due to WPG’s experience and history in law enforcement, we can assist the authority with reconnaissance, surveillance, and confined space searches.

With a variety of drone security systems, our services offer the most robust offering to augment and assist emergency personnel.

Client Disaster Response & Damage Audits

Many of our clients often face natural disasters and dangers from afar. When they can’t physically inspect properties after these events, the drones can assess damages and create visual 3D models and 2D maps to document property damage and potential security threats. 

Through these damage audits clients can implement mitigation systems and even provide the information to insurance companies to speed up the recovery and claims process. 

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